LinkedIn Learning Course Template: Designing Effective Courses

Course Title:
Creating Courses for LinkedIn Learning

Course Description: 

In this comprehensive course, learn the ins and outs of becoming a LinkedIn Learning author and producing engaging, informative courses. Delve into the intricate process of course creation, from initial concept development to recording and editing. Gain valuable insights from experienced authors and industry professionals, and discover best practices for structuring courses that resonate with diverse audiences.

Course Objectives:

- Understand the process of becoming a LinkedIn Learning author

- Learn how to develop a structured Table of Contents (TOC) for your course

- Explore strategies for catering to different audience levels

- Gain insights into effective scriptwriting and content creation techniques

- Discover best practices for recording and editing professional-quality videos

- Understand the importance of concise, focused content delivery

- Learn from real-world examples and case studies

- Receive expert guidance on navigating challenges and optimizing course delivery

Course Outline:

1. Introduction to LinkedIn Learning Authorship

   - Overview of the author selection process

   - Insights into the course creation journey

   - Understanding the role of the Table of Contents (TOC)

2. Audience Analysis and Course Planning

   - Identifying target audience demographics

   - Tailoring course content to different skill levels

   - Establishing prior knowledge assumptions

3. Content Development and Scriptwriting

   - Researching course topics and trends

   - Crafting engaging scripts for video narration

   - Strategies for maintaining a conversational tone

4. Asset Creation and Exercise Development

   - Creating visual assets and exercises for each lesson

   - Ensuring copyright compliance and using stock images effectively

   - Providing comprehensive resources for learners

5. Recording Process at LinkedIn Learning

   - Understanding the recording environment and equipment setup

   - Leveraging teleprompter tools for script delivery

   - Working collaboratively with producers for course refinement

6. Post-Production and Course Release

   - Editing and polishing recorded content

   - Addressing feedback from technical editors

   - Finalizing course release and distribution

Target Audience:

- Aspiring LinkedIn Learning authors

- Professionals interested in course creation and instructional design

- Educators and trainers seeking to enhance their online teaching skills


- Familiarity with basic video recording equipment and software

- Understanding of instructional design principles is beneficial but not required

Course Duration: Approximately 4-6 hours

Instructor: [Your Name]

Course Materials:

- Video lectures

- Supplementary resources and exercises

- Script templates and guidelines

Delivery Format:

- Online video-based course available on LinkedIn Learning platform


Embark on your journey to becoming a successful LinkedIn Learning author by enrolling in this comprehensive course. Gain practical skills and insider knowledge to create engaging, impactful courses that resonate with learners worldwide. Join us today and unlock your potential as a dynamic educator and content creator.